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Our landlord has three daughters – Tinni, Tithi and Whale. The ages of the three are 18, 14 and 12 respectively. All three of them are so beautiful that anyone will jump up and down to eat their juices. But those of us who are students and unmarried don’t easily rent a house, so even if we make a mistake, we never reach out to the girls of the house for fear of losing the house.

But in those words, who stops if there is a fortune! In the same way, in the end, my cock entered the vagina of the landlord’s daughter … !!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …

How? That’s what I’m going to write today …

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Our landlord and landlady both work. So very early in the morning the two of them left the house together. SSC examinee Tinni stays at home and Tithi, Whale goes to school. One day I climbed on the roof and smoked a cigarette, half-roofed and half-flat on the fourth floor; The landlord’s family in that flat. There was a window in Tinni’s room towards the roof, the curtains of that window were torn off but occasionally flying in the wind. I saw the 3X movie running on TV !!! I dared to peek out the window with a little more courage !!!

Tinni and two other girls, maybe his girlfriend. Instead of curiosity, I got scared …she hurried off the roof. I didn’t get up on the roof during the day, oops i got up at eleven o’clock at night. then I was not in a good mood so what else to go, I went and saw the light of Tinni’s room was on, maybe she was studying. after that I didn’t show much interest, when I left around 12:30 pm, I saw 3X running again. But the curtains were repeatedly raised in the wind, so this time I dared to go to the window to see Tinni. But there is no tinni anywhere on the reading table or bed, where is he?

I was shocked to see the eyes on the floor!

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Tinni is sitting on the floor with one hand pressing her erect breasts, the other hand in her vagina!

Maybe watching Three on TV has become hot. I stood for a while and watched her failed attempts to satisfy her sexual appetite and had fun. Tinni is anxious to get full happiness, but her fingers are not able to satisfy.

Seeing all this, I also became very brave and said, “Tinni, can I help you?”

Tinni turned her head and got scared at first then she laughed, surprised me and said- Murad bhai I am opening the door you go this way.

Who sees my joy then … !!!

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As soon as I quietly entered Tinni’s room, I turned off the window and then the lights …

Then I jumped on the bed with Tinni on her milk, it seemed I got the treasure of seven kings. Her breasts are hard and beautiful, very soft and attractive; I ate, drank and licked as I wished.

Then I went straight to her vagina, started sucking with my mouth and she started to squirm like a thorny chicken.

Seeing that, I started eating her soft-hot vagina more and more.

Tinni’s condition was like watching, she couldn’t scream because if her parents wake up then there is news.

Again, he can’t help but shout in comfort, as a result of which he is trying to bear it by pressing the pillow on his own face but he can’t!

So sometimes the waist is shaking … !!!

I didn’t want to irritate him anymore so I removed my face.

Then I was going to put my erect penis in Tinni’s pink vagina and press it gently, then Tinni said “Murad bhai, let me see your one”. Then he grabbed my cock with his hand, pressed it and then sucked it in his mouth for a while. Said “such a big thing”! Then he said shyly, “If he becomes a child”? I said don’t be afraid, I will cum like that. Before that, when was your period? Don’t be shy, he replied, “It started five days ago and ended last night.” So, no more worries, I put Dhoni in her pink young vagina and stepped in.

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As soon as I entered, my tapping started, then the tapping started at a high speed. Tinni’s vagina was quite easy so I pushed it in pairs, and Tinni pressed her face with a pillow as usual. As soon as I started throwing my Dhoni’s fadas in Tinni’s vagina with ten minutes of continuous tapping, Tinni dropped the pillow in one fell swoop and hugged me and kissed me deeply on my lips. And the vagina contraction-expansion began to take my fadagulo in the vagina, at the end of a deep embrace our sex game ended. I came out of the house and quietly went to my room.

After that we used to cum sometimes during the day and sometimes at night, we used to cum more with condoms. If I had given three miscellaneous messages on my mobile, I would have appeared with a big smile …!

One day, however, I went to Tithi’s house after catching her. When I came out of the house at one o’clock in the morning and returned to my room, I suddenly saw Tithi move away from the door. If he had seen it, he would have told his parents, since he was still chatting with Tinni without any problem, so I understood that Tithi had not seen anything. I am also free … I am free …! Ahh … what a happy feeling …!

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I’ve been having sex with the landlord’s eldest daughter, Tinni, for almost two months now, and my guess is that Tithi somehow saw us one day at a time. Although no one said anything and I did not tell Tinni anything about it, the matter remained inside me. But lately, Tithi’s behavior seemed different to me. Every day I would come back from school, sit in my room for a while and then go home.

One day there was no one at home, the date came when I was wearing a slipper on my mobile. As soon as I opened the door, he went to my bed and sat down as usual. How depressed did Tithi look today, I asked, “What happened to Tithi?” Do you know what the date answered? Writing in the language of Tithi- “My girlfriend Lina, Millie, Orpi, everyone says I am a baby girl, so my breasts

Small. They have all been fed by one or the other boy, so their breasts have become big and beautiful. They have all torn the veil of their cousins ​​’nunu inside their vagina called hymen, and since then they have almost taken the boys’ nunu inside the vagina. It makes my face, chest and ass very beautiful, they always annoy me because I didn’t do any of these. I want to be more beautiful than them. “

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Understand the situation, I heard the words of this half-crazy girl and told him; “They all talk nonsense, no one is beautiful like this, they have done mischief to you!” Go home and eat and sleep, you will see and you will not feel anything ”. (The screw on the girl’s head seems to be loose so I tried to calm it down like this) Tithi startled me and said, “Brother Murad, do you think I don’t see what you and Apu are doing? I have been watching all your achievements for the last month. And I also saw how much more beautiful Apur figure is now than before. Please don’t do that to me, I want to be as beautiful as my sister. “

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Now you understand my condition! I understood a lot, I didn’t understand, I said it would hurt a lot, he agreed. Eventually, Tithi threatened to tell her parents about Tinni’s secret affair. This time I had no choice but to agree, but I agreed to a condition. You can’t tell anyone about Tinni anymore and Tinni’s affair with me will continue. Tithi agreed, I asked her about her period, and she said, “The day after tomorrow will start. I said okay, so get ready to endure the pain …

I closed the door of the house and hugged Tithi tightly beforehand, then put my lips deeply on hers and kissed her deeply. He bit my lip and started breathing frequently. This time I put my hand on his chest over the shirt, not too big. This time he suddenly took off all his clothes, then he pressed one of his milk in my mouth. I also licked, rubbed and ate. I eat and the date sounds like ah ah. Diameter, I also came and started rubbing my right hand with my vagina. Umm um um, tithi grabbed me loudly. Meanwhile, I put my finger inside her vagina and rolled it harder and harder, and I realized that her vagina is very tight.

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I reminded Tithi of the pain, but she said no problem, she was ready to endure the pain. I started sucking her vagina this time, but I was forced to leave the loud music that Tithi started screaming. Then I started sucking that young, soft vagina again. Tithi is screaming ahh ahh umm umm and is shaking her waist from time to time. The juice is gurgling out of her young red vagina covered with light brown hair. And I’m licking and sucking it well, Tithi probably lost her water. Because after gulping and releasing the juice, it became dull for a while.

I rested him for five minutes, then I put my erect cock in the hole of his vagina and gave a loud pressure. She shouted as mother, I realized that the girl had lost her virginity. But my Dhoni got stuck in the middle of the road, I took it out a little and tapped it hard, the whole thing went in. Tithi could not bear the pain and said, “I am in great pain.” I also feared that I would not be in pain. I rested for a while while my cock was inserted in her vagina;

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Then I started tapping slowly and after a while I increased the speed. This time Tithi said, “Ahh Murad brother … I feel very good … um I feel very comfortable … ohhhh run harder … ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Do you care about this all the time? Ahhhhhhhh, and loudly … um m um m um m … ahhhhhh … ”

After a while I realized that the water had leaked, I still hadn’t, so I poured the goods into her beautiful, soft, young vagina after ten more minutes of continuous tapping. At the same time, Tithi also released water again and as soon as my load was on her vagina, she grabbed me and screamed in such a way that I was holding my breath. That day was no longer chudini, but from the next day such chudachudi started that the two sisters chudi every day except the special days of the month. The faces and figures of Tinni and Tithi are now so beautiful that any girl who sees them burns with rage. And my health is deteriorating as a result of excess chador. Nowadays, of course, both of them take turns to eat eggs, milk and fruit regularly to maintain my health

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